Launched in 2005, MEOR Boston's unique brand of Jewish leadership training, study and experiential education programming highlights the importance of Jewish values, identity and community. In just over a decade, MEOR has impacted more than 18,000 undergraduate students, encouraging them to connect with Judaism on their own terms and in their own time.
In 2016, MEOR established post-university programming to ensure that its alumni would have a familial Jewish framework for sustained growth as young professionals.
Now in its second decade, MEOR continues to ignite the Jewish flame within a new generation of young Jewish leaders who are hungry for community, continuity and connectivity.

Rabbi Loketch

Originally from New York, Rabbi Loketch has been the face of Meor Boston for the last 12 years. With students now in all corners of the globe, Rabbi Loketch is a sought after speaker and educator and can max out his zoom classes on a weekly basis! He lends his educational mastery to students at all levels and offers beautiful shabbat meals together with his wife, Sury and their four children.

Rabbi Alex

Born and raised in the UK, Rabbi Alex is a former professional soccer player, turned corporate banker, turned rabbinical educator. You can usually find Rabbi Alex teaching his weekly wisdom and ethics class or  standing on his chair at Meor Shabbat meals relating Judaism to the modern day life of a student. 
Although his sporting prowess is long behind him, he still enjoys showing off his skills at any opportunity.
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Hila Nadler

Also from the UK, Hila is the better half of Rabbi Alex and the incredible mother to their three children. Hila is famed for her delicious, home cooked food which covers the weekly Meor Shabbat table. A true figure to female students on campus, you can usually find Hila dispensing her advice and experiences to students from all backgrounds.
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Rabbi Gould

Rabbi Gould

Mrs Yehudis Solomon

Born and raised in Baltimore, MD, Yehudis attended Towson University for a Bachelors of
Science in
Occupational Therapy. Moving to Boston in 2006, Yehudis now works as an occupational therapist at Boston Children's Hospital part-time.
As a senior women’s educator, she meets regularly with BU students on campus with the goal of personal development through Jewish education. Yehudis can be found at home baking incredible challah and brownies or hiking with her six incredible kids!  
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